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Creating a View

Views are a highly customisable way of viewing a portion of your staff members. You can use views to see who's performing the best, who's falling behind or even all of your staff from the United States.

The possibilities with views are endless due to the flexibility they offer. In this article we'll explain how to create a view.

How to create a new view

You'll need permissions to Create Views. You'll need to ask a Workspace Admin to give you this permission if you don't have it.

Step 1: Go to Staff

Navigate to Staff, it can be found in your side menu.

Step 2: Click + and configure

Simply press the small + button next to 'Views' to begin creating your new view.

Configure the properties for your view:
Name - What you'd like your view to be called
Colour - The colour you'd like to use for the view
Icon - Which glyphicon you'd like to represent your view

Step 3: Configure your filters and sorts

Each view has unique filters and sorts associated with it. These allow you to make your view yours!

Filters: Filters can be used to narrow down your data. For example, you could filter your view so it only shows people with more than 200 minutes.

Sorts: Sorts can be used to order the data in the way you want it to display. For example, for a Top Performing view, you would configure it to sort minutes from high to low.

Updated on: 03/09/2023

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