How to invite to Hyra

Hyra's members system works by using roles instead of invites. You don't need to send anyone any invite links like you might do with apps like Discord.

How To Invite Roles To Your Hyra Workspace

Having roles in your Hyra Workspace can help you organise your conversations better. Inviting roles is an easy process and only a few steps are involved. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to invite roles.

Only Workspace Admins can change the configuration of the Workspace. If you're not a workspace admin, you can't make these changes

Step 1: Go To Settings

The first step is to go the Settings page. This page is accessible via the navigation bar from any page in your workspace.

Step 2: Then Go To Roles

Once you're in the Settings page, you will need to go to the Roles page. This page is located in the side menu of the Settings page.

Step 3: Click Create Role or Edit An Existing Role

On the Roles page, you will find an option to either create a new role or edit an existing one. To invite roles to your Hyra Workspace, you will need to create a new role or adjust an existing one.

Step 4: Add The Roblox Group Roles You Require To Your Role

On the new role page, you will need to add the Roblox group roles you require to your role. This involves selecting the roles from the list of available roles within the Roblox group.

Step 5: Configure The Permissions

Once you have added the roles, you will need to configure the permissions for the role. This includes setting the privileges of the role as well as setting any additional restrictions.

Step 6: Click Save

Once you have configured the permissions, the last step is to click the Save button. This will save the role and make it available for use in your Hyra Workspace.

Step 7: Done!

And you're done! The roles will now be available in your Hyra Workspace and you will be able to start assigning them to members.

Updated on: 03/09/2023

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