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Member Surcharges

At Hyra, we have a flat price subscription structure, which means everyone pays the same amount per month. This means that groups that have more staff on Hyra pay the same price as groups with very few staff.

To improve reliability for our larger customers, we have to use more powerful infrastructure to process their requests, which means their Hyra costs more to run than a smaller Hyra. We pass these costs onto you in the form of a 'Member surcharge'.

Our member surcharge means you'll get billed for usage of over 1,000 workspace members.

I don't see the charge but I'm above 1,000 members

Our team assess the usage of your workspace at regular intervals throughout the month, and add the additional costs to your invoice. You might not see the charges immediately.

I'm below the threshold but I've been charged

Our team review your usage regularly, and we will charge you for the highest amount of members that were on your workspace in the billing period.

I'm in a trial, does this affect me?

Hyra will apply additional charges to those who exceed 1,000 members during the trial. If you cancel your trial before renewal, you'll be liable for paying for the additional usage.

How much are the charges?

We charge per 1,000 additional members. The way we apply this charge varies based on how you pay for your subscription.

Stripe Customers

If you're billed by Hyra directly through Stripe, you'll be charged per additional member. The charges are:

Australia: $A0.0007 per unit
Canada: CA$0.0006 per unit
United Kingdom: £0.0005 per unit
United States: US$0.0008 per unit

Customers in Israel will be billed at the current USD exchange rate.

Member surcharges are not reduced by any coupons, discounts or offers

Paddle Customers

Paddle customers are charged US$0.50 per 1,000 members, with a minimum fee of US$0.50. Customers on Paddle will also be subject to a US$2.50 processing fee from October 1st 2023.

Member surcharges are not reduced by any coupons, discounts or offers

Updated on: 10/09/2023

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